Returns & Refunds

Courier Returns:

Courier Returns occur when the order is undelivered and marked as Return to Origin (RTO). Please find below the potential reasons for the order being marked as RTO.

  • Customer Unavailability
  • Incomplete Address
  • COD Amount Not Ready
  • Future Delivery Requested
  • Self-Pickup Requested
  • Customer Refused Delivery
  • Door/Premises/Office Closed
  • Pincode Not Serviceable.

In case of wrong address, unavailability, COD not ready, door/premise closed, pin code not serviceable, the courier gets returned to us. In such a case, as a customer, you will be required to take the following action:

  • Intimate us within 7 days about where would you like the product to be delivered as per your availability. We will reship the order to the new address provided by you.

If the pin code becomes unserviceable after order placement, you will be required to provide us with some other address of a nearby pin code. We will ship the courier to this new address. However, in such a case, a refund will not be possible as the manufacturing cost is already incurred. But, you can write to us about the issue on our email ID: and will try to resolve the issue for you if possible.

Receipt of Products in damaged condition:

Despite of thorough quality checks that are done by the manufacturing and packing units, it is possible that you may receive a product that is not in the best condition. This may occur due to damages in transit or human errors.

In such cases, we offer completely free replacements. This includes misprints or quality errors. In such an unfortunate event, please write an email to us at Please send across pictures or a video of the damaged product showing the exact defect with the product and we will have a replacement product shipped out within 48 hours of it being authorized.

Potential Issues That Lead to Free Replacement:

  • Misprint
  • Damaged Items Sent
  • Defective Items Sent
  • Broken Products Received
  • Any Similar Issue

Note. Communication of this issue must be made by you to no later than 7 days.


Since our products are customized for individual customer requirements, any returns or rejection or unacceptance of courier, for reasons other than damage/defect, are not refundable. However, you can write to us about the issue that you have faced due to which you are requesting an exchange. We will try our best to arrive at a suitable solution.

Delay Due to Courier Service or Corona:

Cases of a delay that is caused due to issues faced by courier services for any reason including Covid19 restrictions in your area are not eligible for a refund. We will do our best to ship the product/s at the next available time/slot or as and how the courier services in your area resume. To discuss such issues or get more information about your shipment, you can call us on +919833574242